Sunday, November 9, 2008

We Dig...November 08 pt.1

Things we dig this month...

Artist: Sascha Dive

Title: Deepest America ep (w Moodymann remix)
Label: Ornaments

Not much that I know about the origins of this label, but you don't need to know much more than the artist and remixer here to peek your interest. The original mix is nice enough: Detroit-influenced, deep, tracky and thumping. A clipped repetitive vocal and piano sample loops hypnotically before breaking down with a deep voice saluting influential names from America's black heritage. Moodymann's mix funks it up with an uptempo beat, his soulful vocal sample injections and keys. But as with all Moodymann's production, there's always a twist. The breakdown vocal is placed over a darker acid line that drops in to change up the mood. Top stuff. The remix is definitely the highlight, but the original is also worth checking. SL

Artist: Cabin Fever

Title: Cabin Fever Trax Vol.1

Label: Rekids

One of the many aliases of Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave), this one takes us back to the funky 90's that recall names like Todd Terry, Hard Drive (MAW), or Roger S but with a modern sensibility that only Matt can provide. "Deep '92" maybe a bit too cheeky for me with the hip house beat and sirens whaling but flip it over and you cannot deny the funky chopped up drums of "Sanchez". This will be killer on a big system and perfect to mess around with or mash into another track.

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Artist: Radio Slave

Title: Tantakatan (Shed mix)

Label: Rekids

Two Rekids review in one shot? Why not. Killer mix this, coming from Germany's Shed (who released his own acclaimed full length "Shedding The Past" on the venerable Ostgut-Ton label earlier this year). Reshuffling the piano stabs of the original and pairing it with a pounding techno-breakbeat sitting somewhere between that proto-rave era and stark dub techno. An unlikely pairing that works well.

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Artist: V/A

Title: Versatile 2008
Label: Versatile
A sampler from their forthcoming 2008 label compilation. The track for me here is definitely Chateau Flight's "La Roquett". Sounding like Detroit and Chicago meets Cosmic Disco in a Parisian Bar. It sums up all their influences to me on one track. A mid-tempo crisp but heavy-footed beat laced with organic percussion, some background chattering, sound effects and spaced out synths all propelled by the acid-ish line running through it. Proper. The other tracks from I Cube, Joakim and DJ Ringados are quality and also traverse some of the same territory, but the duo that started it all does it for me here. SL

Artist: Niko Marks

Title: Hueman Density ep
Label: U2X productions
A perfect fusion of Soul, Funk, Jazz with House and Techno
, this ep shows the roots and the future of Detroit at the same time (not a surprise coming from someone who's been long involved in the Detroit scene). "Hueman Density" has a driving and tech feel but is still warm and radiant. Its got just enough touches from the pads and piano to suggest a melodic feel without overstatement. Flipping over the disc, both "West 8 Mile (G. Moody mix)" and "Stay Or Move On" (w Amp Fiddler on vocals) are housier vocal numbers but in that deep funky Detroit vain. Both with soulful piano chords, funky basslines, and of course killer vocals. No B-sides here as all are ace material. SL

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