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Promoter Interview: Box Of Kittens

For over a year, the
DJ/promoter crew Box Of Kitten (DJ Hali, Jamie Kidd, Mike Gibbs & Fabio Palermo) have been responsible for re-energizing Toronto's underground with a series of highly successful loft and warehouse parties. No chin strokers and wall flowers here, the party's ethos is about good music and having a good time. Just in time for their upcoming big bash with like minded promoter alienInFlux featuring Seth Troxler, Deep Transmissions asks the boys a few questions about the secret to their success and where the name Box Of Kittens came from...

How did you guys meet each other?

HW: We all knew each other through the music scene but I think what actually brought us all together was playing at alienInFlux events, like the Harvest Festival, for the last 3 or 4 years. Afterwards, DJing together only seemed natural.

FP: I met everyone in 2007. Mike at Boreal, Hal at Cherry Beach and Jamie at our first party.

Why did you start the night and what is the concept behind the night?

HW: Mike and I had many conversations about the state of the scene and how Techno was becoming marginalized and, well, too serious. There was no 'party' at techno parties. We had envisioned a different type of party that would be fun and sexy, but still retaining strict ethos to the underground. We had been talking about doing something all of the previous summer, but nothing really materialized. And then, suddenly, the 4 of us got brought together to DJ at a friend's going away party, and it was literally the big bang that ignited Box of Kittens.

FP: We felt Toronto was in need of something fresh. Rather than use the DJs as the draw, we want the event to be the draw. The four of us is what Box of Kittens is all about. Our styles can interbreed with each other. Basically, a warehouse party meets a house party with killer techno!

How did you come up with the name "Box Of Kittens"?

FP: That is a Mike and Hal question! LOL

HW: It was an inside joke that we had for a year. Mike came up with the term which was an offhand remark about a girl. I think he said 'Look at her, it's like looking at a box of kittens'. And then when we were searching for a name, we thought of it. It was so leftfield, sexy, fun, and unusual, it was perfect. I think it fits our type of parties perfectly.

What can people expect musically?

FP: Amazing techno of all kinds. The sound has progressed so much into many different sub-genres that allow the night to flow smoothly. You get the housey side, the glitchy side, the progressive side, and the funky side.

HW: The great thing about our crew is the dynamic range and the different angles we all take towards Techno. You can expect to hear 4 on the floor techno but that's a really broad stroke. From my side, I tend to play on the deeper side of Techno. I love organic elements so you would definitely hear some Soul, Funk, and Jazz undertones, but I love the trippy shit as well, just as long as it's interesting. My musical influences are Detroit Techno, Chicago House, New York Garage, and Berlin Minimal, so you are bound to hear some of those influences come through my Techno sets.

JK: From my side expect things to change and cut up a bit with music that incorporates elements from many styles. Sexy, glitchy, bass heavy minimal, tech house and techno with some electro and fidget house – although I’m not typically into anything that is sample laden. I’m usually more on the raw, dark tip, but these days I have definitely been getting deeper with some (dare I say) strong tribal influences coming back. I’m also really into the cosmic disco scene now, so I incorporate those sounds whenever I get the chance (which is not often enough!)

As a bassist, I’m always tuned in to how the bass and drums are working together to create an overall pulse. I come from a live music background; studying and performing jazz for years, as well as playing, recording, and touring with rock, funk, dub, and live drum & bass groups. I’ve always been able to hear the similarities between styles more than the differences, and I try to bridge those similarities in my mixing. My main influences historically have been innovators like Charles Mingus, Miles Davis, and Parliament to Amon Tobin, Cari Lekebusch, and Matthew Herbert.

MG: I come from a live music background as well, having sung and played guitar and bass in numerous industrial bands that toured the states, Europe and Canada with bands like Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Nine Inch Nails, Meat Beat Manifesto.....

Like all of us in Box Of Kittens when I spin I like to incorporate different styles of electronic music, though I generally lean towards the more 'tweaky' and trippy end of things, lately I'm enjoying the deeper, housier sound that's been emerging from Europe as well. I also like to throw in a couple of curve balls, like the odd dubstep or vocal track.

I would consider my musical influences to include Funkadelic, Autechre, Einsturzende Neubauten, Barry White, Plastikman, Gang Of Four, Primal Scream, Hardfloor, The Sex Pistols, Ricardo Villalobos, The Meters, Aphex Twin and others too many to mention lol. As long as it's got the funk I'm looking for I enjoy bringing new sounds and rhythms to new audiences, everything depends on the particular vibe of the party and where I think I want to take the dancefloor ; )

What would you say is the current state of the House or Techno scene in Toronto?

HW: I think people are starting to get a little tired of regular club nights, I know I am. But, the underground scene is thriving, and there's a demand for 'different' types of parties. You just have to be in-the-know. Look at the success that Promise Cherry Beach had this summer. Or that crazy packed party on that disused bridge over the Don Vallley. And even the success of Nuit Blanche proves that people really don't want the same. So, I think this is representative to what people want. More unusual settings, less of the same. Box of Kittens has been aware of this and, we always like to keep our parties and venues fresh and new.

FP: Well, I am not a fan of the clubs right now and I don't go to them to know what the current Techno/House scene is all about. I see it from the Internet picture world and live vicariously through friends who still go out and party. We have a lot of local promoters doing great jobs of bringing in NEW talent, which I applaud and think is most important to the scene. I'd go out and listen to someone new rather than someone in town every couple of months. Our scene is still thriving -- you just have to go to the right events, hint hint :)

I know you guys each have musically related projects (e.g. production, radio, etc. Can you describe for those that don't know what else you're involved in)?

HW: Apart from event production, and even some music production, I'm known for my work with Netmusique. I founded and operate it which is a high-volume, international Internet Radio station. I started doing it as a simply way to play music for my friends. In doing that, it literally became the world's first Deep House netradio, which is known as Housemusique. Now it's grown to include Electrique and Flaresound which have been hugely popular in their own right. But, I have to admit that I'm simply amazed at what was created and what it's become. This year, it really hit me as we are going into our 10th year of operation. You can find Netmusique highly ranked on AOL/Shoutcast, or on iTunes radio, or the site itself at, if you want to check it out.

JK: On the production front, I’ve been very busy over the past couple years producing with my good friend Frederik Hatsav under the name Metalogic. Most of our releases have been edgy, percussive techno, but lately we’ve been branching out a bit. We’ve had 2 twelve inch EP’s released thus far; one for New York’s Addon, as well as one for Brooklyn’s Hidden Agenda, which we were proud to have supported by some of our favorite artists including Someone Else, John Selway, Extrawelt, and Frankie Bones. We are excited to have a new 4 track EP coming out this November on London’s Perc Trax called ‘Surge Stimulation’, as well as a few more digital singles and remixes.

I also produce under my own name for Toronto's Thoughtless Music, and California's Monism -- but for the most part I devote my time to Metalogic's productions and our live p.a. I'm really feeling the itch to get a new live band together these days but there's never enough time for everything.

MG: I'm currently working on projects with the other guys in Box Of Kittens, plus Gaz Mellen and Lachlan Bleackley.....I'm hopeful we'll start seeing stuff released in the new year. Gaz and I have just had a remix released on a new album by Spiral Into The Storm. Released by Decibel Palace ( ) it's available on iTunes and most mp3 sites.

And recently Transformantra a live four piece techno act that I was involved with in the late nineties has had two albums re-mastered and re-released also on the label Decibel Palace. Transformantra and Transformantra 2 have stood the test of time pretty well. Lol, don't be mislead by the name as the music is in what would now be considered more of an electronica vein. Both albums are available on iTunes.

FP: I've worked on production for years with so many different amazing people. I started working with Xstatic Records back in 1998, helping them promote and sitting in on many studio sessions. That later developed into DMT Records with two of the partners from Xstatic. I've played radio shows on and hosted one on Global Groove, and produced radio shows with Chris Sheppard that were syndicated across North America. I have a few releases out with Sydney Blu that are available on Beatport, and am currently working on some remix and original projects. My hectic day job makes it very difficult to stay in touch with my musical side at the moment, but I think that will change in 2009 :)

Will there be any "official" or club nights from "Box Of Kittens" or will it always stay underground?

FP: We actually branched out with "Sourpuss." It was/is our club front and it started with a one-off Friday at Circa. Things behind the scenes did not work so well for us that night and we feel we didn't belong in that environment. Knowing this, we will (if we decide to) make sure the club and us are a perfect match for us to do it again!

HW: I want things to stay underground, but that's something we need to discuss. The thing about the future is you never really can quite tell. :)

What are upcoming "Box Of Kitten" events to watch for?

HW: We are actually partnering with the one that brought us all together to begin with. On December 6th, we team up with alienInFlux to bring the latest Box of Kittens event at a brand new space at 1610 Bloor West. This time, we have 3 rooms and several headliners, which is a first. As well, we are representing different music genres including different shades of dub, and not just Techno, so we are really excited about it. Headlining is Seth Troxler from Detroit/Berlin, and a live PA by Komodo from Montreal, as well as our own, the Gates Foundation, and of course, all of us. All the ingredients are there for it to be the best one yet. Can't wait, can't wait!

FP: December 6th, 2008 and scattered events through 2009. All our events are ones to watch for!

For more info on Box Of Kitten's upcoming event on Dec 6th, check here:

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vintage: A Brand New Bag Radio mix 11 18 08

The crew at Deep Transmissions also host events and a radio show (via under the Vintage: A Brand New Bag name, Check out our show this week, the usual mixed bag of deep electronic niceness from including tracks from Deadbeat, Move D, Reggie Dokes & Martyn....

Vintage: A Brand New Bag Radio Show Nov 18 08


Alister Johnson / Invitation / CDR

Deadbeat / Rise Again feat Paul St. Hilaire / Wagon Repair

Beat Pharmacy / Time feat Damon Aaron / Deep Space Media

IMPS / Almost Live But Definetly Plugged (Move D remix) / Mule

Reggie Dokes / Love /Philpot

Martinez / Day By Day / Moon Harbour

IMPS / Uncle Limps (Minilogue mix) / Mule

Mikael Stavostrand/ Crushed (Mike Shannon mix) / Imprime

Guilluame & The Coutu Dumont / Le Tigre / Olso

Aroy Dee / Life Of Raw / M>O>S

Tantakatan (Shed mix) / Rekids

Martyn / Velvet / 3024

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Label Interview: Simple Records/Aus

Will Saul's Simple Records and Aus imprints and claim to be one of UK's more successful independent electronic dance labels today. Noted we did not say Deep House and Techno even though that's what the labels are known for. He was well into Breaks and Broken Beat among other things before a stint working at the venerable Phonica Records Store in London turned him onto House and Techno. Will also had a gig working at Sony starting from the position of intern and working his way up to A/R and product management before deciding to go it on his own to pursue his vision. His two labels release quality music from the likes of Motorcitysoul, Lee Jones, Sideshow and his own productions as well. We asked Will a few questions about the in ands outs of running 2 successful labels...

- Why did you decide to start a record label?
WS - As an outlet for my own music. Also I have loved the process of creating an entity – the visual identity of record labels has always fascinated me and I wanted to get stuck into all aspects of creating a brand.

What are the differences between your 2 labels Simple and AUS?
Simple is aimed at the deeper end of the peak time (discerning) house and techno dance floor whereas Aus can be more experimental/home listening and is open to a wider range of sounds. You could get a disco/dub record from Sideshow, a quirky deep house record from Lee Jones or a jacking techno record from Sian. Both labels have their core artists and they define the sound of the labels. However, fundamentally both labels are A&R’d by me and my love of a good soulful hook/melody hopefully shines though in both labels.

What are some of your musical influences both in and outside of dance music?
I love interesting melody and grooves that hook you in and don’t let you go. This can be in any genre and from any period in time - from Teddy Pendergrass to Interpol to Carl Craig to Vangelis to Tangerine Dream to Sly and Robbie and beyond.....

Simple has recently ventured into album territory with Motorcitysoul's Technique. What makes a great artist album in your view?
A range of styles, lots of memorable hooks, great songs and a fresh and coherent ‘sound’. Not much to ask for really :)

You worked at Sony as A/R in the past, how has that informed the running of your labels?
I did bits of A&R work which in the context of the music I was A&R’ing at Sony doesn’t really inform what I release now, which is very much from the heart. However, I was also a product manager for Sony International and this really taught me the nuts and bolts of how to release a record right from the details of generating an ISRC code for each track to promoting the record to radio.

How do you manage a label successfully in such a challenging time for the industry?
I run Simple and Aus by myself so my overheads are non-existent. You also learn quickly from your mistakes and successes and after over 50 singles across the two labels I’ve pretty much nailed how to release a 12” effectively. Well I bloody well should have after that many releases! Keeping the sound of the labels fresh and cutting edge is the biggest challenge as what’s popular within dance music changes so quickly. My approach is to never associate yourself too heavily with one sound and attempt to build a core roster of talented artists that will evolve with the labels/trends. Trying be know for releasing good music rather than ‘minimal’ or ‘deep house’.....It’s a double edged sword - if you become one of the hot new labels and have a very unique (but often one dimensional) sound that everyone wants for 6 months then your sales will shoot up in the short term but the music buying public is very fical and they will move onto the next ‘hot’ sound very quickly.

Will you always release on vinyl?
As long as it’s financially viable and I’m not loosing too much money on the format....which sadly doesn’t look like it will be for very much longer.

Lastly, what are upcoming releases and projects to watch out for from Simple and AUS?
We have an Album from Sideshow on Aus in Feb which features vocals from Cortney Tidwell and Paul St.Hilaire. Remixes across the two EP’s from this are from Chateau Flight, Appleblim, Sebo K and Lee Jones. I’m currently putting together a double CD compilation called ‘Aus Music...All Night Long’ which will feature a CDs worth of new tracks from the core Aus artists and some friends of Aus (MyMy, Appleblim, Roland Appel, Shur-I-Kan) plus 2 remixes from I-Cube and Lawrence. The second CD will be a DJ mix of the back cat by me. This will be out in May 09. In between these two albums/Eps we’ll squeeze out an EP from Sian which will have a remix from Minilogue. For Simple we have EP’s coming from Ian Pooley, Mike Monday and me in early 09.

Motorcitysoul's album Technique is now available from Simple Records and Lee Jones' Soon EP from Aus Music
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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Artist Interview: Brendon Moeller/Beat Pharmacy/Echologist

There's been some criticism lately of the recent wave of Basic Channel inspired Dub House and Techno productions popping up all over. Too many copy-cat tracks and not enough originality they say. Being born in South Africa and transplanted to the Big Apple with influences ranging
from The Orb, Aphex Twin, Fela Kuti,
A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Sonic Youth, Can, Neil Young to Dylan, you can be assured that Brendon Moeller (aka Beat Pharmacy, aka Echologist) is not one of these copy cats. Moeller is mainly known for his dubby house and techno sounds, but his music has a warmth and organic feel and enough variety in ideas, sounds and sometimes even tempo to transcend above the mold. Being the A/R man for Francois K's eclectic Wave family of labels is another clue that Brendon is a versatile man with good taste. Moeller has released music as Beat Pharmacy for the Deep Space branch of these labels (the latest being his recently released dub protest album "Wikkid Times" featuring the likes of Paul St. Hilaire, Spaceape & Infinity on vocals), under his own name for Third Ear, Echochord and Leena, and as Echologist for Tokyo based Mule Musiq. Deep Transmissions caught up with Moeller about his Beat Pharmacy album and some of his influences.

- Were you exposed to any dance or electronic music before moving to NYC from South Africa?
BM - Yes. By the time I moved to NYC I was well into bands like the Orb, FSOL, Aphex Twin etc.

What was the transformational process from your initial interest in No Wave music into Dub and Techno?
I think it was hearing how the Orb used dub production styles in their music that really struck a chord with me.

What inspired you to do a protest album?
I was inspired by great protest artists like Bob Dylan, LKJ, Fela Kuti, the Last Poets, Prince Far I and many more.

Did you have creative input for the lyrics or was it up to the artists?
I told the artists the concept behind the record and pretty much gave them the freedom to express themselves.

Any other musician or vocalist you would love to collaborate with?
I would love to collaborate with De La Soul, Elvis Costello, LKJ, Mark E. Smith, Kevin Shields, Einsturzenda Neubauten and Neil Young, to name but a few. :)

I noticed some of the songs in Wikkid Times have a dub step feel, and you've also recently done a remix ep for Appleblim & Peverelist. Have you been keeping an eye on that scene?
There's some seriously talented folks in that scene. I have nothing but respect for the likes of Kode 9, TRG, 2562, Shackleton and quite a few others. Some very forward-thinking people heading up the scene.

On that note, I noticed you used both your name and the Beat Pharmacy moniker on that ep. You've said before the difference was down to label politics, was there a reason for the difference in this case?
I think people are starting to equate my harder techno stuff with Brendon Moeller and the dubbier stuff with Beat Pharmacy, so I'm just going with the flow.

What are some of the things you've learned from working with someone like Francois K who has such a history?
He has taught me so many valuable things about music, the music biz and life. As far as the music goes, his attention to the little details that sometimes make all the difference has really made me evaluate my tracks with a much better sense than before. He has also taught me valuable lessons about DJ'ing.

What's next for Brendon Moeller or one of your various aliases?
I have an Brendon Moeller EP coming out on Apnea in November, a Brendon Moeller EP and album on Third Ear in March 09, a Brendon Moeller 12" on Connaisseur, and an Echologist EP on rekids in 09... lotsa remixes and other goodies too. :)

Beat Pharmacy's "Wikkid Times" is now available from Deep Space Media.
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Sunday, November 9, 2008

November Charts

Soulphiction/Jackmate (Philpot, Phil E, Germany)
1. MMS- Täterätä (CD-R)

2. Basic Soul Unit - Dank (CD-R)
3. Kenny Larkin - Wake me (Planet E)
4. dOp - Ikarus (Milnor Modern)
5. Baaz - No Matter (Elevate)
6. Rasmir - The Package (Jersey Soul Edit)
7. Tim Toh - Join the Resistance Pt.II (Philpot)
8. Honny & The Bees Band - Psychadelic Woman (Bottletop)
9. Jose James - Desire (Moodymann Rmx) (Brownswood)
10. DJ Koze - Daddy (white)

Nitzan (Fine Arts Recordings, UK)
1. Sheharzad - Yalla Yalla(Henrik Schwarz remix) - Fine Art
2. Sideshow - If Alone (Chateau Flight Dub) - AUS
3. Jonny White - Dominatrix(DJ Sneak's Women Beat The Drums mix) - No19 Music
4. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos feat. Robert Owens - Merging (Beanfield Remix) - Compost Black Label
5. TR ONE - Mystery Train(Lerosa mix) - Nice and Nasty
6. G.Family feat Antonio Lyons - Night Shift (Main Mix) - Realtone
7. Dj Ringardos - Was Better In 88 - Versatile
8. Gen;lon - Berlin - Koloni
9. Fabrice Lig - Cosmic Booty(Stevie Kotey Remix) - MVSICA
10. Disk - Rumshack(40 Thieves remix) - Fine Art

Simbad (Raw Fusion, UK)
1. Emanative / When On Earth / Futuristica Music

2. Martino / The Crumbling (Orig+Altrn) / SSR
3. Mario Basanov & Vidis / Test / Mantis Rec

4. Aybee / ATCG / CDR

5. Foreign Beggars / Gash (Ruckspin Hangin Ham Mix) / Dented Rec

6. Floating Points / 2000 Black (Version1) / CDR

7. Poussez vs Demarkus Lewis / Passin Thru (Atjazz Mixes) / Tone Control

8. 8 Channels / True Story EP / Cinematic Rec

9. Busy People / Get Out (Just 1 Remix) / Sunshine Ent.

10. Flying Lotus / Buried / CDR

Adam Khan
(Void Music, Toronto)
1. Anton Zap / Pepper Exchange EP / Quintessentials
2. Sascha Dive / Deepest America (Moodymann Remix) / Ornaments
3. Robert Dietz / Actrice
4. Markus Fix / Bo Boston / Cécille Numbers
5. Kerri Chandler / Fortran (Argy's Detroit Dub + Beats) / Deeply Rooted
6. Luciano & Mirko Loko / Family EP / Desolat
7. Pepe Bradock / Mandragore / Atavisme
8. Mike Shannon / La Tentation / Plus 8
9. Kuniyuki Takahashi / Remixed (Album) / Mule Musiq
10. Boddhi Satva / Punch Koko (Dj Tool + Dub) / Vega Records

Basic Soul Unit
(LOTD / Versatile / Mule / Mathematics, Toronto)
1. Niko Marks / U2X 001 Ep / U2X
2. Linkwood Family / What's Up With The underground / Firecracker

3. Morgan Geist / Detroit (C2 mix) / Environ
4. Deadbeat / Roots And Wire Lp / Wagon Repair
5. Radio Slave / Tantakatan (Shed Mix) / Rekids
6. Sasha Dive / Deepest America (Moondymann mix) / Ornaments
7. Tone Control / Sweetest Thing (Mark E remix) / Running Back
8. Robert Dietz & Markus Fix / Shunsower / Cecille
9. Justin Martin / The Sad Piano (Charles Webster mix) / Buzzin' Fly
10. Basic Soul Unit / Virgo Mood / Mathematics Recordings

General Eclectic (Atomic Shuffle, Uma Nota, Footprints, Toronto)
1. risque madness - risque III (stride)
2. take some time out - arnold jarvis (fourth floor)
3. jackin the bass - farley funkin keith (house)
4. short circuit - steve poindexter (muzique)
5. terry hunter - back to house (house mix) (muzique)
6. apt. 3a - n.y. house'n authority (nu groove)
7. change reaction - joe lewis (target)
8. living for another (extra dosage mix) - etat solide (uk house records)
9. infinition - quadrant (planet e)
10. stevie knows - designer music (planet e)
11. 4 my peeps - paperclip people (planet e)
12. reborn - walt j (dow)
13. sensitiv - jeremy (tonika)
14. milk & honey - burger/ink (matador)
15. overcome - soul capsule (trelik)

Patrick Paredes (Sustainable Recordings, Toronto)
1. Move D & Benjamin Brunn / Moskow Arkestra / Smallville Records
2. Deetron ft. J Chapman / Let's Get Over It (Llorca's Full Ext. Mix) / Music Man
3. Stimming / The Anger / Liebe Detail
4. Gel Abril / Spells Of Yoruba / Be As One
5. Story / Subway To Cologne / Story Germany

We Dig...November 08 pt.1

Things we dig this month...

Artist: Sascha Dive

Title: Deepest America ep (w Moodymann remix)
Label: Ornaments

Not much that I know about the origins of this label, but you don't need to know much more than the artist and remixer here to peek your interest. The original mix is nice enough: Detroit-influenced, deep, tracky and thumping. A clipped repetitive vocal and piano sample loops hypnotically before breaking down with a deep voice saluting influential names from America's black heritage. Moodymann's mix funks it up with an uptempo beat, his soulful vocal sample injections and keys. But as with all Moodymann's production, there's always a twist. The breakdown vocal is placed over a darker acid line that drops in to change up the mood. Top stuff. The remix is definitely the highlight, but the original is also worth checking. SL

Artist: Cabin Fever

Title: Cabin Fever Trax Vol.1

Label: Rekids

One of the many aliases of Matt Edwards (aka Radio Slave), this one takes us back to the funky 90's that recall names like Todd Terry, Hard Drive (MAW), or Roger S but with a modern sensibility that only Matt can provide. "Deep '92" maybe a bit too cheeky for me with the hip house beat and sirens whaling but flip it over and you cannot deny the funky chopped up drums of "Sanchez". This will be killer on a big system and perfect to mess around with or mash into another track.

Listen / Buy

Artist: Radio Slave

Title: Tantakatan (Shed mix)

Label: Rekids

Two Rekids review in one shot? Why not. Killer mix this, coming from Germany's Shed (who released his own acclaimed full length "Shedding The Past" on the venerable Ostgut-Ton label earlier this year). Reshuffling the piano stabs of the original and pairing it with a pounding techno-breakbeat sitting somewhere between that proto-rave era and stark dub techno. An unlikely pairing that works well.

Listen / Buy

Artist: V/A

Title: Versatile 2008
Label: Versatile
A sampler from their forthcoming 2008 label compilation. The track for me here is definitely Chateau Flight's "La Roquett". Sounding like Detroit and Chicago meets Cosmic Disco in a Parisian Bar. It sums up all their influences to me on one track. A mid-tempo crisp but heavy-footed beat laced with organic percussion, some background chattering, sound effects and spaced out synths all propelled by the acid-ish line running through it. Proper. The other tracks from I Cube, Joakim and DJ Ringados are quality and also traverse some of the same territory, but the duo that started it all does it for me here. SL

Artist: Niko Marks

Title: Hueman Density ep
Label: U2X productions
A perfect fusion of Soul, Funk, Jazz with House and Techno
, this ep shows the roots and the future of Detroit at the same time (not a surprise coming from someone who's been long involved in the Detroit scene). "Hueman Density" has a driving and tech feel but is still warm and radiant. Its got just enough touches from the pads and piano to suggest a melodic feel without overstatement. Flipping over the disc, both "West 8 Mile (G. Moody mix)" and "Stay Or Move On" (w Amp Fiddler on vocals) are housier vocal numbers but in that deep funky Detroit vain. Both with soulful piano chords, funky basslines, and of course killer vocals. No B-sides here as all are ace material. SL

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Transmitting from Toronto...

Greetings and welcome to Deep Transmissions. We endeavour to spread the word on the deeper side of electronic dance floor music to Toronto and beyond. Toronto has had a great history of dance music since the days of the Twilight Zone in the 80's (which was the Canadian mecca for house music in the early days) to the early 90's warehouse scene (remember places like Victoria St or 23 Hop?), later on in the seminal club Industry, the huge rave scene of the mid 90's and back to the deep house revival of the late 90's to early 00's at Roxy Blu.

Forward to 2008, and though there are still big and small clubs with countless international headliners, something seems to be lost. Not trying to be nostalgic, but perhaps the over-saturation of house and techno (and thus watering down) has somewhat taken the edge off the scene. If you care to look closer or dig deeper though, there is still quality and honest music being made and played out there. In Toronto, there's still college radio stations and a few forward thinking journalists that are keeping the flame. Some promoters are taking financial risks to bring unknown talent to the city and, local DJs are hosting under the radar events. From the white hot Berlin club scene to the fresh energy being released in former Eastern Bloc countries to the still resonant Detroit basement producers or the ever fanatic Japanese scene, the faithful are still doing it for the love of it (besides, from personal experience there isn't much $ to be made in the music industry these days).

So we will do our part to bring you what we can to help spread the word. Expect reviews, articles, interviews, charts, guest mixes and events listings. We will explore deep house, techno, tech-house, minimal, maybe even some dub step, tech-step, broken beat, but more important than genre-name dropping, just pushing good electronic dancefloor music we like.