Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Vintage: A Brand New Bag Radio mix 11 18 08

The crew at Deep Transmissions also host events and a radio show (via netmusique.com) under the Vintage: A Brand New Bag name, Check out our show this week, the usual mixed bag of deep electronic niceness from including tracks from Deadbeat, Move D, Reggie Dokes & Martyn....

Vintage: A Brand New Bag Radio Show Nov 18 08


Alister Johnson / Invitation / CDR

Deadbeat / Rise Again feat Paul St. Hilaire / Wagon Repair

Beat Pharmacy / Time feat Damon Aaron / Deep Space Media

IMPS / Almost Live But Definetly Plugged (Move D remix) / Mule

Reggie Dokes / Love /Philpot

Martinez / Day By Day / Moon Harbour

IMPS / Uncle Limps (Minilogue mix) / Mule

Mikael Stavostrand/ Crushed (Mike Shannon mix) / Imprime

Guilluame & The Coutu Dumont / Le Tigre / Olso

Aroy Dee / Life Of Raw / M>O>S

Tantakatan (Shed mix) / Rekids

Martyn / Velvet / 3024

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